Song: Get Lucky

1. Do you know Daft Punk? Do you know Pharrell Williams?

2. Synonym (s) or antonym (a)

a) Deal/pact: _______
b) Withhold/give: _______
c) Conscious/live: ______
d) Feel/sensation: ______
e) Leave/continue: ______
f) Beginning/conclusion: ______
g) Bill/coin: ______
h) Godsend/luck: ______
i) Spin/ steady: ______
j) Prevail/win: ______

3.  Idioms

1. To raise the bar
2. To go too far
3. To get funky
a) To do more than is acceptable.
b) To dance in a wild, crazy way.
c) To make a task a little more difficult.

4. Listen to the song:

5. Lyrics in Spanish

6. Play Kahoot!


Englishmania dijo...

1. Write (s) for synonym or (a) for antonym.

a) Deal/pact: S
b) Withhold/give: A
c) Conscious/live: S
d) Feel/sensation: S
e) Leave/continue: A
f) Beginning/conclusion: A
g) Bill/coin: A
h) Godsend/luck: S
i) Spin/ steady: A
j) Prevail/win: S

2. Match the idioms to the definitions

1. c 2 . a 3. b

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