Billy Elliot (2000)


1.Where and when is set the film?
2. What is the real nature of the prejudice against ballet shown by Billy's father and brother? What other examples of prejudice are there? To what extent are these prejudices still alive and well in our society?
3. Billy’s Mother is represented in the film by her piano. What happens to the piano? How does the family react to this?
4. Can you describe the kitchen? And the neighbourhood?
5. What lesson was Billy taking in the boy’s club? Was he good at it?
6. Who was Mrs Wilkinson?
7. Who was on strike?

SUBJECTS --- Dance; World/England;
SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING --- Breaking Out; Families in Crisis;
MORAL-ETHICAL EMPHASIS --- Caring; Responsibility; Respect.

SUMMARY: FILL IN THE GAPS (Use: grandmother, cigarettes, secret, 11-year-old, Royal Ballet School, responsibility, on strike, ballet class, talent, enthusiasm, food, passion, friend, Northern England, mine).

The life of ______Billy Elliot, a coal miner’s son, in _______is forever changed one day when he sees a _________during his weekly boxing lesson. He finds himself demonstrating the kind of _______ seldom seen by the class’s instructor Mrs Wilkinson.With a never-ending stream of ________ in her hand, Mrs Wilkinson’s ________ for teaching is revived when she sees Bill’s potential. She wants to teach her new pupil.
But Billy must keep the ballet classes a ________from his widowed father and elder brother, as both men are ________ from their jobs at the ________, and are finding it difficult to put _______ on the table. Their frustrations finally explode when they discover Billy spends his boxing money on dancing classes.
Banned from ballet, and troubled by the mental problems of his ________Billy finds comfort with his school __________Michael.
Meanwhile, Mrs Wilkinson encourages Billy to try out for the ________ in London, where he can improve his skill and escape his oppressive background.
But Billy is torn between his _________ to his family and to his talent. His to dance is more than a means of self- expression. It is his ___________, and it is his

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Sources: British Council, Damaris, worksheet by luisa2008,,

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