The Big Challenge

The Big Challenge

Pepa's Contribution




Prepositions of place
- Reading puzzle
- Game: coloca los objetos en el lugar correcto.
- Game: in /on /under /behind

- Destination impossible

The town

- Places around the town (listening)
- My neighborhood
- Inside and out (game)
- Places in town




1. What can a foreign teenager visit if he/she comes to your country? Write an informal letter to a friend and invite him/her.
2. Your English penfriend has asked you about your plans for the future. Write a letter telling him/her about your aspirations, and giving the reasons for your choices. Address issues such as studies, work, travel, marriage, children and lifestyle.

3. What will the world look like fifty years from now? Include information on: jobs, schools and education, war and peace, energy, food, environment and free time.

4. How will school be like in 5o years? How will students learn? What will they learn?
What would you do if you were the teacher?



No kissing here

February 17, 2009

No kissing allowed at Warrington station – it blocks the platform
By Mark Hughes

Lovers hoping to bid each other an intimate farewell will no longer be able to do so in certain areas of Warrington Bank Quay train station after "no kissing" signs appeared following concerns that embracing couples were causing congestion.
The signs were installed on Friday as part of a £1m refurbishment of the station and have divided the car park and taxi ranks into "kissing" and "no-kissing" zones.
They will mean an end to scenes like the one between Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard in the 1945 film Brief Encounter, in which the couple share a passionate embrace at a station.
The idea of the "no-kissing" zones at Warrington station in Cheshire, was first mooted in 1998 by Colin Daniels, chief executive of the town's chamber of commerce. He came up with the idea after hearing that a station in Deerfield, Illinois, had used the signs to ease congestion.
But it was only last week, following the revamp, that the signs were put up because the station has become "increasingly busy" since the introduction of Pendolino trains between London and Glasgow and Super Voyager trains between Birmingham and Scotland.
Mr Daniels said yesterday: "It is a fairly congested station and ideally what we want is for people to come here, drop someone off and move on. But that wasn't always happening and people were lingering and causing delays.
"With these 'no-kissing' signs we are pointing out that we don't want people doing that right outside the front of the station. If they want to linger and say a longer goodbye they can do that in the 'kissing zone' where there is a limited amount of parking."
Mr Daniels said that the station would not be enforcing the zones too rigidly, adding: "It is a bit of fun, but it will be interesting to see if people observe it. They may seem frivolous but there is a serious message underneath."
And despite the timing of the signs appearing –one day before Valentine's Day – they are not, as some cynics have might suggest, a marketing ploy. Mr Daniels insists they are there to stay "unless someone nicks them".
At the station, commuters had a mixed view on the signs. Amy Swain, 21, said: "I don't see the point in the 'no-kissing' sign. I don't think it'll stop people. But the kissing sign is good, although it might be upsetting if you're single." But Ruth Hardman, 31, said: "They should spend the money on something more worthwhile."
A Virgin spokesman said: "It's just a quirky thing. It's nothing more than a light-hearted way of getting the message across."

Source: The Independent



Translation (Unit 5) - 4º E.S.O.

UNIT 5 (Future and conditionals)

1-Si a ella se le olvida mi cumpleaños, me enfadaré.
2-Yo en tu lugar, pediría perdón (say sorry)
3-¿Vas a estudiar inglés esta tarde o vas a salir con tus amigos?
4-Te prometo que te ayudaré con los deberes.
5-¿Qué harías si perdieses las llaves?
6-A John no le gusta el deporte. ¡No será profesor de Educación Física en el futuro!
7-Estoy cansada. Me voy a la cama.
8-La película va a empezar dentro de cinco minutos..
9-¿Llorarías si esto te sucediese a ti?
10-“¿Viene Tom a la piscina con nosotros?” “Creo que sí”
11-Está muy nublado. Creo que va a llover.
12-Tengo un novio nuevo.¡ Creo que te gustará!
13-¡Mira ese coche! ¡Se va a estrellar!
14-Si veo a Charlie, le daré el recado.(message)
15-¿Conduciremos coches voladores para ir al colegio en 2020?

Pepa's Contribution




Conditional sentences

- Grammar and activities (Types I, II, III)
- Exercises (englisch hilfen)
- Quiz
- Types I and II
- If I were a boy (subtitles in Spanish)
- I have a dream
- Matching
- Lesson plan

Song lyrics | If I Were A Boy lyrics



Happy Valentine's Day!

- Write your love poem
- Activities
- Memory game
- Send a card
- More activities
- The Holiday Spot



Guessing... (4)

Can you guess..?

No excuse this time because it's an easy one. Look at the picture. Where are we?

ANSWER: Stratford-upon-Avon is a market townand civil parish in south Warwickshire, England. The town is a popular tourist destination owing to its status as birthplace of the playwright and poet William Shakespeare, receiving about three million visitors a year from all over the world

And the WINNER is Patricia (4ºC). Congratulations!



Güi spik inglish

From Mr. Botin to Yuyu´s chirigota...., no doubt, güi spik inglish. What about you?



The Future

The Future
In 2020 cars will fly.
Look at those clouds! It's going to rain.
My train leaves at 5.00.
I'm playing tennis on Monday.



- Will / Going to 1, 2

- Will: statements, negations

- Going to: statements, negations

- Quiz

- Future forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

- Uses: will, be going to

- Song: I Will Always Love You (W. Houston)

- Video Lessons: 1, 2, 3, 4




- What did you learn in school today?
- Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!

- Teacher: You aren't paying attention to me. Are you having trouble hearing?
- Student: No, teacher I'm having trouble listening!

- Teacher: Why can't you ever answer any of my questions?
- Student: Well if I could there wouldn't be much point in me being here!
  • Listen and read more jokes.
- Read or download MP3
- Elementary
- Intermediate
- Helen's jokes

Sources: Randy Glasbergen, englishclub, jokes4teachers


The house

My house
- Our house
- My house
- Where we live
- Furniture
- Furniture (card game)
- Paint your room
- Label the room
- Rooms of the house (hangman)
- Rooms and furniture
- Parts of the house (activities and questions)


Translation (Unit 4) - 4º E.S.O.


-¿Cómo se hace la cerveza?
-¿Cuándo se construyó este hospital? ¿Se construyó hace mucho tiempo?
-Mis suegros nacieron en Madrid pero mi marido nació en Sevilla.
-Me robaron el coche la semana pasada pero al día siguiente lo encontró la policía. (utiliza en los dos casos la pasiva)
-¿De qué está hecha esta estantería? ¿Está hecha de madera?
-No se venden revistas aquí.
-Este vino no se hace en Francia. Se hace en España.
-Fueron vistos por última vez en Nueva York.
-¿Te ofrecieron trabajo durante la entrevista?
-En ese colegio se enseña japonés.
-¿Por qué se destruyeron tantas iglesias durante la guerra?
-Ese puente fue diseñado por uno de nuestros mejores ingenieros.
-Se envió un ramo de flores a la viuda.
-¿Se limpian las clases todos los días?
-Le ofrecieron una recompesa de 1000 libras.(He...........)
-Anoche rompieron el escaparate de la tienda.
-Se vendieron todas las entradas para el partido de baloncesto.
-¿A quién le dieron el premio?
-El vuelo fue cancelado por culpa del viento.
-A ella le prometieron un aumento de sueldo(a rise in salary)(She............)

Pepa's contribution



Guessing... (3)

Clue: 14th February is St. Valentine's Day. Can you guess a word connected with this topic?
And the correct answer was...: SWEETHEART (Merriam-Webster- 1 : darling 2 : one who is loved 3 : a generally likable person 4 : a remarkable one of its kind )



February's special dates

St. Valentine's Day (14th February)

- Vocabulary
- Words of love
- Listening
- Reading
- Make a valentine (for beginners)
- Isabel's ESL links

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day (24 February)

- Information

- Quiz

- Food events BBC

Ash Wednesday (25th February)

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