Present Perfect

Present Perfect

1) USES:
- Past actions at an unspecified time---> Peter has gone to the cinema

- Past actions with present result--->Susan has caught a cold so she is in bed.

- Duration from past until now --->We have been friends for years

- Actions just finished ---> Paul has just finished the exam

2) FORM:
- Affirmative: have/has + past participle*
- Negative: haven't/hasn't + past participle
- Interrogative: have/has + subject + past participle

* Past Participle formation: Regular verbs add -ed to form the past participle and irregular verbs have different forms so you must study your list of irregular verbs.
-------------> Examples: regular verb: I work - I have worked ; irregular verb: I go - I have gone

- Already: Peter has already finished the exam
- Ever: Have you ever been to London?
- Never: I have never been to Italy.
- Just: They have just made the cake.
- Yet: I haven't finished the exam yet.
- For: I have studied for 2 hours.
- Since: I have studied here since 2004.
- How long...?: How long have you studied here?


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- Video
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