School year 2009/2010

Welcome back!

Okay, let's begin. Hello everyone. A new school year is just starting, are you ready? Yes, we're here again to help with your English lessons. Still wondering why learn English? Well, apart from the fact that it's compulsory ;-), English is the universal language on the Internet and we all adore the Internet, don't we? I'm sure you can find at least three reasons to learn a bit of English. Some reasons: Twilight books, international music, trips, job market, foreign friends...

Ana's tips on ... HOW TO STUDY ENGLISH

-Before starting a new Unit, read carefully, study and understand the Grammar Appendix at the end of your book. Make outlines and summaries. Try to understand the grammar references, the examples and write down on your notebook one more example of each reference.
- Read at home the text at the beginning of every Unit and look for the words you don’t understand into a dictionary.
- Make a list of the false friends that appear in every unit and the ones you already know
- Do the exercises on your workbook.
- Keep your notebook clean and tidy. Use 2 pens of different colours, one for the Spanish words and sentences and another one for the English ones.
- Organize your time of study daily, do not leave the exercises for the last day.
- Ask your teacher in class every time you need, when you don’t understand some explanation, words you can’t find, exercises you don’t know how to do, doubts…
- Take part in the oral exercises in class. Use the English language when you need to ask or say anything. Oral participation is very important.
- Give your opinions or suggestions every time you want.

Have a great school year. Good luck!


ana bello dijo...

Let's cross fingers and let's try to have fun and learn a lot at the same time.
See you at school!

Anónimo dijo...

Because I love music in English!

chacha dijo...

ecause it is a world language wherever you go.

dietilaminocarbetobicicloexis dijo...

because ...
I don't know anything stupid to say

BY: kronos

ana e inma dijo...

because it is mandatory
and also because it is better to speak with someone other than Spain.

SeLene y RuT dijo...

HeLLo!!Somos selenee y rut!!una coSa x la qe aii qe estudiar ingles es porqe es muii divertido yo(rut)veo las pelis en ingles y estaa muii guaii!!jajajaa!!Lo sientO No sabia escribir en ingles todO!!Un saLudO

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