Happy Valentine's Day!

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Pablo dijo...

You're my life and this is my true love.

Miriam,asun dijo...

I am romantic you are beatiful and I love you at night

marta e isa dijo...

flower are beatiful
heart is romantic
and you are the boy
I love more

cristian dijo...

eyes are blue
flowers are red
and I love you

miriam b.isa c.miriam d.b. sweet beautiful blue romantic delicious true soft big nice long red crazy very forever I I I you shb.isa c.miriam d.b. dijo...

your eyes are beautiful
like our love
and this fantasy is true
like the moon

alba cruz, pilar y diana dijo...

You are my sun and I am your moon and my romantic heart I loveyou crazy

jesus y javi ga dijo...

big kisses in your mouth
and love in my dreams

jose cortes , jose fernandez dijo...

Ilove flower fantasy passion

gzzu dijo...

the stars in the sky
plowing in the field
and half of your ass
my chorizo colorado

Anónimo dijo...

Flowers are beautiful

eyes are blue

and I love you

hecho por : Adrian , Carlos

Adrian , Carlos dijo...

You eyes are beautiful and blue

you hair is very soft

and her mouth is sweet

I love you

hecho por : Adrian , Carlos

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