Translation (Unit 5) - 4º E.S.O.

UNIT 5 (Future and conditionals)

1-Si a ella se le olvida mi cumpleaños, me enfadaré.
2-Yo en tu lugar, pediría perdón (say sorry)
3-¿Vas a estudiar inglés esta tarde o vas a salir con tus amigos?
4-Te prometo que te ayudaré con los deberes.
5-¿Qué harías si perdieses las llaves?
6-A John no le gusta el deporte. ¡No será profesor de Educación Física en el futuro!
7-Estoy cansada. Me voy a la cama.
8-La película va a empezar dentro de cinco minutos..
9-¿Llorarías si esto te sucediese a ti?
10-“¿Viene Tom a la piscina con nosotros?” “Creo que sí”
11-Está muy nublado. Creo que va a llover.
12-Tengo un novio nuevo.¡ Creo que te gustará!
13-¡Mira ese coche! ¡Se va a estrellar!
14-Si veo a Charlie, le daré el recado.(message)
15-¿Conduciremos coches voladores para ir al colegio en 2020?

Pepa's Contribution


Anónimo dijo...

Flowers are beautiful

eyes are blue

and I love you

hecho por: Adrian , Carlos

Anónimo dijo...

You eyes are beautiful and blue

you hair is very soft

and her mouth is sweet

I love you

autor : Adrian

Ilustraciones : Carlos

$@®@ dijo...

Unit 5-translation(key)

1- If she forgets my birthday, I'll get angry.

2- If I were you, I'll say sorry.

3- Are you studying English or are you going out with your friends this evening?(are you going to study........?is also possible)

4- I promise I'll help you with your homework.

5-What would you do if you lost your keys?

6-John doesn't like sports. He won't be a P.E. teacher in the future!

7-I'm tired. I'll go to bed.

8-The film will start in five minutes.

9-Would you cry if this happened to you?

10-”Is Tom going to come /Is Tom coming to the swimming-pool with us?””I think so”

11-It's very cloudy.I think it's going to rain.

12-I've got a new boyfriend. I think you'll like him!

13-Look at tha car!It's going to crash!

14-If I see/meet Charlie, I'll give him the message.

15- Will we drive flying cars to go to school in 2020?

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