Barack Obama

Not so long ago, most people had never heard of Barack Obama. That changed in 2004, though. He gave a powerful keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2004. He then became a US Senator in November of that year with 70% of the vote. And in February, 2007, on a cold wintry day, he announced his decision to become the next President of the United States. His struggle with Hillary Clinton, who wanted to become the first female President, captured the attention of the world. Obama grew up in Hawaii, but has spent his adult life in the continental United States. He was educated at Columbia University in New York, then at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Both schools are at the top of the US education system. Some opponents have called him elite because of this, but he grew up in a single-parent household. His mother worked and raised two children while she was studying at university. Obama grew up humbly.
Barak Obama has become the first black nominee of a major US political party. He also happens to be the first black American in US history with a real chance to become the next President. During his time in politics, he has created legislation on climate change, nuclear terrorism, and better support for soldiers returning from war. He has opposed the war in Iraq since the start. He also wants to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the US, put an end to research on a missile-defense shield, and lead the world through diplomacy and morality.
Everyone now has the same question on their lips. Will Barak Obama become the 44th President of the United States? Many political diehards feel the election has become his to lose. In other words, all eyes are on him, and a major gaffe could give John McCain victory.
What do you think? Will he become the next President of the United States?

- Listen to the article.

- Answer the questions:
1. When and where did people begin to hear about Barack Obama?
2. When did Obama announce that he wanted to become the next US President?
3. What does the article say about Hillary Clinton?
4. Where did Obama grow up?
5. The article mentions Obama responsible for two firsts. What are they?
6. According to the article, what does he support?
7. What is the question on everyone's lips?

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