WRITING: My last holiday

We have talked today about our last holidays and here you have more useful questions to write your story:

Where did you go for your last vacation?
Did people speak English there?
Did you have any problems? How did you resolve them?
How did you get there?
How long did it take to get there?
How long did you stay there?
How much money did you spend?
How much luggage did you take?
What did you do there?
What did you see in each place?
What kind of food did you eat?
What souvenirs did you buy?
What was the activity you enjoyed the most, and why?
What was the weather/food/scenery like?
What were the people/restaurants/scenic spots like?
Where did you stay? Did you stay in a hotel? Did the room overlook the sea? Did you have a nice view from your room?
Who did you travel with?

Image from bravo.net

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