- For something that happened regularly in the past but no longer happens:

Affirmative: I used to smoke a lot.
Negative: I didn't use to smoke a lot.
Interrogative: Did you use to smoke a lot?

- For something that was true but no longer is.

There used to be a disco in this town but now there isn't.

- Matching
- Correct order
- Lesson in Spanish

*For comments: Write down an invention and how the world has changed with it.
----> Example: People used to count with abacuses, but now we have calculators.

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felisa y cristina dijo...

hello!! we are feli and cristina.before the people used to look the encyclopedia but now we are looking internet.kiss

marina ruiz y yoli!!! dijo...

Before people used to listen to the radio but now we watch T.V.

Azucena y Laura dijo...

People used to smoke signals, but we now have mobiles

tati y angel dijo...

People used to buy the newspaper and now we look on the Internet.

Dani and Marina dijo...

The people used to walk, but now we drive

lili y noe dijo...

Before the people was used to writing all the books by hand but now the press is utilized.

saguit y patri dijo...

We chose computers and internet. Bebore we had to send carts and sometimes the carts didn't get to de people. But now with internet we can send coments you can see them instantly.

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