Past Simple

1) USE: to talk about actions or situations in the past.

- Action finished in the past (single or repeated). -----------> I had a party yesterday.
- Series of completed actions in the past. ------------> First I had a party, then I went out with my friends.
- Habits in the past. ----------> I studied English when I was a child.
- To interrupt an action which was in progress in the past (Past continuous). --------------> We were eating the cake when Paul arrived.

2) FORM:
- Affirmative: a) regular verbs-- infinitive + ed---> worked b) irregular verbs-- see list---> go/went

-Negative: did not (didn't) + infinitive ---> I didn't work / She didn't go

-Interrogative: did + subject + infinitive...? ---> Did you work? / Did she go?

3) TIME EXPRESSIONS: yesterday, in 2005, last night/week/ month, a week/month ago

* -e ---> +d_______________________________________________ love--->loved
* vowel + y ---> + ed ________________________________________ play--->played
* consonant + y ---> -y changes to -i + ed _________________________study---> studied
* short, stressed vowel+ consonant ---> double consonant + ed _______stop--->stopped

5) Pronunciation of -ed

6) Activities:
- Matching - Crossword - Quiz - Quiznet - Game - Fill in the blanks - Final -ed pronunciation - Song: Yesterday (The Beatles)

7) Further information:
- Explanation in Spanish and activities.
- Wikilearning

8) Writing a "silly story":

One day while I was laughing in the kitchen a happy car fell through the roof.
It immediately jumped on the table and knocked over the pencil. Then it ran out
the door into the bathroom and ran a box off the chair. It then knocked a glass
of water off the coffee table. After 10 minutes of chasing the car through the
house I finally caught it and put it outside. It quickly climbed the nearest
-----> Create your own silly story.

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